Smart Car Electronics

SIPO started to promote Car Electronics SIG in 2011. In response to the trend of IoT, the name of Car Electronics SIG has officially been changed to “Smart Car Electronics SIG” since 2016.

It is hoped that the connection between upstream and downstream companies of the smart car electronics industry in Taiwan can continue to be fortified to help Taiwan’s semiconductor manufacturers obtain more opportunities to involve in the application of smart car electronics industry.

(At the moment, there are 78 member companies of the Smart Car Electronics SIG.)

The Frame Diagram Of Smart Car Electronics SIG.pdf

  • The application items are for 2020
  • Smart Car Electronics SIG:

The application items are for Smart Car Electronics SIG in 2020「Autonomous Driving」:

(1)「Automotive Communication Network」:Car Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 4G LTE, WAVE/DSWRC, V2V, V2X, etc.

(2)「Electric Car」:Power Control, Motor, Battery, etc.

(3)「ADAS」:Sensor, Image/Radar Driver Assistance System, AVM, Navigation System, Camera, LiDAR, etc.

Industrial Interaction Platform」:

(1) Technology Exchange among the Entire Industrial Chain

(2) Information Exchange and Sharing (Forum) (3) International Cooperation and Exhibitions

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