Smart Unmanned Vehicle

SIPO started to promote “Smart Unmanned Vehicle SIG” in 2020.

It is hoped that companies in Taiwan can engage in the development of the core technologies of collaborative robots and unmanned vehicles (including drones, AGV, AMR etc.), and the connection between the system integrator and the semiconductor provider can be fortified to strengthen the supply chain of smart unmanned vehicle in Taiwan.

(At the moment, there are 30+ active connections of the Smart Unmanned Vehicle SIG.)

The structure of Smart Unmanned Vehicle
  • The application items are for 2020
  • Smart Unmanned Vehicle SIG:

The application items are for Smart Unmanned Vehicle SIG in 2020「Smart Collaborative Robots」:

  1. 「Collaborative Robots」:Manipulators, Robots etc.
  2. 「Unmanned Vehicles」:Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Drones, AGV/AMR etc.

「Industrial Interaction Platform」:

  1. Technology Exchange among the Entire Industrial Chain
  2. Information Exchange and Sharing (Forum)
  3. International Cooperation and Exhibitions
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