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Welcome to the “website of Smart Electronics Industry Project Promotion Office (SIPO), IDA, MOEA” (referred to as the Website hereafter). In order to allow you to explore the service and information provided on the Website with peace in mind, this privacy policy is established to protect your interests. Please read carefully the following:

Scope of the privacy policy:
The following privacy policy applies to the collection, use and protection of personal information while you are browsing the Website. However, it does not apply to the related links provided throughout the Website. Each of the websites whose links are provided herein has its own version of privacy policy, and the Website shall not be held responsible. When you link to any of those websites, the privacy policy of the respective website shall apply to the protection of personal information.

The collection, handling and use of personal information:
 For simple behaviors such as browsing and downloading at the Website, no personal identity information will be collected.

Protection of website and personal information:
The host of the Website is provided with information security equipment, such as firewall and anti-virus system, and necessary security protection measure for the Website and your personal information.

The use of cookies:
To provide you the best possible service, the Website will place and access our cookies in your computer. If you wish not to accept the write-in of the cookies, you may reject the write-in by setting the privacy level in the browser you are using to high. However, this may cause some of the functions provided at the Website to work inappropriately.

Revision of the privacy policy:
The privacy policy of the Website is subject to revision as appropriate. The revised policy will be posted on the Website.

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