Security Notice

This information security policy is made to ensure the security of worldwide web users in browsing the “website of Smart Electronics Industry Project Promotion Office (SIPO), IDA, MOEA” (referred to as the Website hereafter). This policy is established to help you understand how the Smart Electronics Industry Project Promotion Office, IDA, MOEA (referred to at SIPO hereafter) protects your security when using the service provided on the Website and how to protect the security of the information you provide.

For the security of the website data of SIPO and the integrity of the Website, SIPO maintains the normal functioning of the Website in the following ways:
■ Hardware firewall, invasion detection system and vulnerability scanning are established to fend off unknown invasions and attacks from the Internet and protect the security and integrity of the website information.
■ An anti-virus system is built to keep viruses out and provide a secure web environment for users.
■ The data of the Website are backed up both regularly and from time to time in order to restore the system in the shortest possible time and continue to provide online service for the general public should any unexpected incident occur.
■ The operating system is updated or the update packages provided by individual application manufacturers are provided both regularly and from time to time in order to ensure that the system is strong enough against attacks and to minimize the probability of being attacked.

As technology evolves very rapidly, SIPO will continue to revise the security policy posted on the Website as appropriate and be committed to uphold online security before the applicable law is complete and for unforeseeable factors such as the changes of environment. Should you have any question or suggestion for the security policy of the Website, you are more than welcomed to contact us.

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